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63 As the apocryphal episodes involving Adam prefigure New Testament events more clearly than those in the Old Testament, so with Eve. The Eve who listens to Satan disguised as an angel is more like Mary who receives the angel Gabriel than the Eve who listens to the serpent. In Andrius the apocryphal episodes in part one prefigure events in salvation history more clearly than their biblical counterparts: Adam is more like Christ; Eve is more like Mary. Although the Adam-Christ pattern is most important in parts one and three, Eve plays an important role, and so do their sons - Cain, Abel, and Seth.

The term recapitulatio was first used by Irenaeus and referred to a New Testament event which was viewed as reenacting an Old Testament event in such a way as to remove the earlier error. According to Irenaeus, Christ by his incarnation, life, death, and resurrection recapitulated and annulled the sin of Adam. As Adam had been tempted and succumbed, Christ had been tempted and resisted; as the serpent overcame Adam, Christ overcame Satan; as sin and death came into the world through Adam, forgiveness of sin and eternal life came through Christ; he was the second Adam who came to recapitulate the error of the first Adam.

But whereas Andrius ends his narrative at this point, Jean continues his chronicle. ; it has given the work its title, established its 78 See Quinn, "The Quest of Seth, Solomon's Ship, and the Grail," pp. 188-95, notes 20, 23, 33. At the time I completed the earlier study, the Andrius MS. seemed a possible source for the Solomon's Ship episode. The subsequent analysis of the MS. makes the possibility seem unlikely. 79 Jean d'Outremeuse, Ly myreur des histors, ed. Ad. Borgnet (Brussels: M. Hayez, 1864), I, 310-24; 415 ff.

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