Primate Anti-Predator Strategies (Developments in by Sharon L. Gursky, K.A.I. Nekaris PDF

By Sharon L. Gursky, K.A.I. Nekaris

ISBN-10: 0387348077

ISBN-13: 9780387348070

This quantity information the several ways in which nocturnal primates steer clear of predators. it's a first of its variety inside of primatology, and is accordingly the single paintings giving a vast review of predation – nocturnal primate predation concept specifically – within the box also, the e-book accommodates numerous chapters at the theoretical advances that researchers learning nocturnal primates have the desire to make.

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Large-scale patterns in predation have been discussed in broad theoretical terms but never assessed using quantified data. Moreover, there have been few attempts to recruit research carried out on various predators as an aid to understanding the impact of predation on primates. , 2001). Observation of only one group of one species (the typical parameters of primate research) provides limited data and often skews the perception of predation, whereas fieldwork on predatory species gives an ecosystemic view of several trophic levels.

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Primate Anti-Predator Strategies (Developments in Primatology: Progress and Prospects) by Sharon L. Gursky, K.A.I. Nekaris

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