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By Victor N. Nikolaevskiy

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Turbulence idea is likely one of the such a lot exciting elements of fluid mechanics and plenty of extraordinary scientists have attempted to use their wisdom to the advance of the idea and to supply worthy suggestions for resolution of a few sensible difficulties. during this monograph the writer makes an attempt to combine many particular methods into the unified concept. the elemental premise is the straightforward concept that a small eddy, that's a component of turbulent meso-structure, possesses its personal dynamics as an item rotating with its personal spin speed and obeying the Newton dynamics of a finite physique. a couple of such eddies fills a coordinate mobilephone, and the angular momentum stability should be formulated for this spatial phone. If the cellphone coincides with a finite­ distinction aspect at a numerical calculation and if the exterior size scale is big, this common quantity should be regarded as a differential one and a continuum parameterization needs to be used. Nontrivial angular stability is a end result of the asymmetrical Reynolds rigidity motion on the orientated facets of an easy quantity. in the beginning look, the averaged dyad of pace elements is symmetrical, == besides the fact that, if averaging is played over the aircraft with common nj, the main of commutation is misplaced. consequently, the tension tensor asymmetry j depends on different elements that perform the angular momentum stability. this can be the one danger to figure out a rigidity in engineering.

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The angular velocities are the pseudo-vectors and they characterize the "eddy" anisotropy of the flow. e. actually the most probable eddy structure which has the A scale of the turbulent mole). It will be done in Chapter 6. Consider the case where vectors of the total angular velocity (nj + Wj) I 2 and mean vector nj (as well as the vector of the mole's anisotropy nj) have one non- SPATIAL AVERAGING AND MACROEQUATIONS 55 zero component, being orthogonal to the stream plane. 11) n). l 8 mI 1 8 ml , , m, I = 1, 2; m = I = 3, 1 mI = 0, m 1 = J .

11). We see that the symmetrical part of the distortion rate does enter the average viscous stresses, averaged also over the elementary volume: a v 3 a v aU· a U ) + pvC a < Wi >. + _ a <_w >i), pV( _ _ + __ a X ax aX a Xi = -p < u.. > 2 + - pV < ~ > 8.. 16) J' ~_ j We get that the mean strain rate is determined by averaged velocities and by the following additional term: pv (a < Wi aX a v. 17) = < (}'.. 2). 2. 29) for the elementary macrovolume Ltv. 1) SPATIAL AVERAGING AND MACROEQUATIONS aat JP ~v Ui dV + iat JP (E + Ui Ui ~v = J (Tij Ui JP Ui Uj 2 dS - IlS J dS j = IlS (Tij )dV + JP (E + Ui Ui) AS Jq J dS j + ~v IlS j dS j + IlS 2 .

J ax. 22) J This means that the first right-hand side term of the Friedman vortex equation for a perfect fluid: aUk + aUp+~E. 23) is responsible for the inertia moment change, as it was mentioned also by G. Batchelor [21]. 11) take the form of the angular momentum balance (in the Euler and Lagrange representation respectively) for differential volume. In the Cartesian coordinates system the Euler inertia moment of incompressible fluid contained in a cubical cell V=l 3 has the form independent of both time and coordinate: p Iij = P [2 J ij /12 In the Lagrange case, the inertia moment iij is associated with fluid contained in Vat the instant t.

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