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The editors of Time-Life Books have produced one other intriguing sequence: Mysteries of the Unknown. historic knowledge and mystery Sects are delivered to you in amazing element via brilliant images and interesting, informative textual content.

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Ultimately, such accusations Tem- symbol of poverty and brotherhood. Bernard viewed within ties for run- hunt anything less noble than of Knights Templars. The secrecy surrounding nies lent mystery to the order expelled from actually a double offense, since The Templars' emblem was knights, a was borrowed horse he had used to Finally the was placed on his shoulders, and the initiate was welcomed into the exalted ranks 2: Bernard of Clairvaux, a patron of the Knights Templars, preaches to his fellow Cistercian monks in the upper- most scene of this fifteenthcentury painting.

Half a century of strife with Protestant heretics, new group relationship ing authority. It Having just of nonconformists who promised between God and Nature was well called the Rosicrucians, known in in emerged from on matters ranging from medieval cosmology, the holy fathers were ritual to tolerate a We speak the language of Although the posters gave no further instruction as to suggested obliquely that those tical invisibly in this teach them the most perfect knowledge of the Most make them from where would-be members might apply Church to membership "to enter our Society and Congregation," and and the heart of the Just turns.

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