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By J.Edwin Saxton, etc.

Expert Periodical experiences supply systematic and particular assessment assurance of growth within the significant parts of chemical learn. Written through specialists of their professional fields the sequence creates a different provider for the lively study chemist, delivering standard serious in-depth debts of development specifically parts of chemistry.

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186. R . Voigt and P. Zier, Pharmazie, 1972, 27, 773. T. Fehr, W. Acklin, and D. Arigoni, Chem. , 1966,801 ; H. G. Floss, U. Hornemann, N. Schilling, D. Groger, and D. Erge, Chem. , 1967, 105. H. G . Floss, G . P. Basmadjian, M. Tcheng, D. Groger, and D. Erge, Lloydia, 1971,34, 446; R. B. Herbert, in ref. 2, p. 7. T. Ohashi, H. Takahashi, and M. Abe, Nippon N6gei Kagaku Kaishi, 1972,46, 5 3 5 . K. Mothes, K. Winkler, D. Groger, H. G. Floss, U. Mothes, and F. Weygand, Tetrahedron Letters, 1962,933; R.

Virtanen and P. K. Hietala, Acta Chem. , 1960, 14, 499, 502. J . A. Klun, C. L. Tipton, and T. A. Brindley, J . Econ. , 1967, 60, 1529. R. M. Couture, D. G. Routley, and G. M. Dunn, Physiol. , 1971,1, 515. J. E. Reimann and R. U . Byerrum, Biochemistry, 1964, 3, 847. C. L. -C. Wang, F. -C. -C. L. Tu, and R. R. Husted, Phyrochemistry, 1973, 12, 347. Biosynthesis 45 I R (163) R = OH (164) R = H shikimic acid and the benzoxazinones. The results are that whereas both ["NIand [l-'4C]-anthranilic acids are efficient precursors (low dilution of isotope), [3H]-3-hydroxyanthranilic acid and ['4C]-o-aminophenol were not incorporated even when inhibitors for breakdown of o-aminophenol were present.

Staunton, and A. R. Battersby, Chem. , 1971, 1154; J . Staunton, in ref. 31, p. 16. C. Fuganti and M. Mazza, Chem. , 1971, 1388; R. B. Herbert, in ref. 2, p. 21. C. Fuganti, Tetrahedron Letters, 1973, 1785. 26 The Alkaloids (96) Ismine HO 0 (97) show that it is a precursor for ismine too. [6,10-3H, ; 12-'4C]Noroxomaritidine was incorporated into ismine (96) in Sprekeliaformosissima with loss of the 14C label and half the tritium originally present at C-6 which indicates, respectively, that C-12 is not retained as the N-methyl group of ismine and that hydrogen removal from C-6 of noroxomaritidine (99)was likely to be stereospecific.

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Alkaloids Volume 4: Specialist Periodical Rep (Specialist Periodical Reports) (v. 4) by J.Edwin Saxton, etc.

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