A Flag for Sunrise by Robert Stone PDF

By Robert Stone

ISBN-10: 0679737626

ISBN-13: 9780679737629

An emotional, dramatic and philosophical novel approximately americans drawn right into a small significant American kingdom on the point of revolution.

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A Flag for Sunrise by Robert Stone PDF

An emotional, dramatic and philosophical novel approximately american citizens drawn right into a small vital American state close to revolution.

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For this point, which is too often ignored in discussions of the Apology, see, most recently, Capizzi (above, n. 2), p. 45. 28 A. Thomas Cole the man who because of illness finds harmful food enjoyable, and the sophist will be equally indifferent to the plight of the man who is proceeding contentedly toward his own destruction through adherence to a policy which he mistakenly believes to be beneficial. The objection, particularly in so far as it pertains to the role of the doctor, is less serious than might seem at first sight.

Herodotus' relativism does operate within certain limits, but the area which they exclude is not a large one. Only the cannibalistic Androphagoi are said to be utterly unacquainted with law and right (iv. 106); Herodotus' complaint is not that they practise a bad voiaos, but that they practise none at all; and though Herodotus himself disapproves of the custom of copulating in temples (n. 64-5), he makes it clear that he does not expect everyone to share his squeamishness. 42 A. Thomas Cole to all differences of opinion on right and wrong, Protagoras was not so much setting himself up in opposition to earlier views, as recognizing, with an explicitness not found before, the sovereign power which different opinions and customs, each within its own limited sphere, had always enjoyed in Greek life and thought.

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A Flag for Sunrise by Robert Stone

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