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It was, so the widow of Pewsey assured Scrooge, a most difficult instrument to play. Afterwards, Deborah looked well pleased with herself, as she had every right to be, and she glowed not only with satisfaction but with that inner beauty which made Scrooge positively envy his nephew. When he saw a special smile pass between Fred and his wife, Scrooge felt a pang of memory. Once, years ago, he had exchanged a similar smile with an equally beautiful young lady—and she too had had a very kissable mouth.

It was narrow, and there was insufficient space for them to walk side by side, which was just as well, for Scrooge would not have cared to have Billy to see his stricken face just at that moment. Nor would have cared to have been caught wiping a tear from his cheek. It was, of course, just the cutting wind in the alley, swirling up the drifted snow, which had made his eye water. They emerged from the far end of the alley and to Scrooge's relief were then able to resume their walk in a more open street.

Goodnight son,’ said Scrooge. Part Two CHAPTER 7 In Scrooge's time, there were only three public holidays in the entire year: Christmas Day, Shrove Tuesday, and Good Friday. The following morning was therefore a normal working day, and Scrooge was up at his usual time: six o'clock. Much of the rest of working London rose at the same hour. The snow was still on the ground, but no more of it had fallen. Scrooge had a suspicion, based on little but the feeling in his bones, that it would soon start to melt.

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