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The suggestion of what little damage there is would have the world believe that the aircraft came down perfectly vertically - like a bore-sighted lawn dart. The lift of the wings at the purported speed would have effected a minimum lateral velocity of 50 knots. Yet there is zero suggestion of horizontal movement of the supposed aircraft. htm Look at the picture above; at all the unburned grass and the green trees so close to the alleged impact point. That's not the impact point of an airliner carrying approximately 6,000 gallons of Jet-A fuel!

THE MYSTERY OF THE WTC COLLAPSE The more one reads about the World Trade Center collapse, the more skeptical they should become of the “official” account. Given the lack of any remaining "hard" evidence, the following presentation is speculation, but well worth reading and thinking about. WHY? Because the investigators at the WTC site were hampered to the maximum, documentation efforts were equally hampered; and the debris was too quickly – and profitably disposed of; overseas. Just for starters, 9-11 represented the first collapse of ANY steel-framed building, allegedly from fire.

So, again, what is the 'deal' with the second pair of aircraft? Answer - One must speculate that they were backups, in case anything got screwed up with the first two. Think about it. The aircraft strikes had to take place, in order for the WTC controlled demolition to be "sold," as terrorism. If the first two aircraft were successful, there was a disposal problem, with the last two. " Terrorists with a conscience; interesting! No, revealing! Think to, the cheering Israeli "art students" film crew.

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